Inside Myloh Mason Astonishing 1,200-Year Scream Robbery Sentence

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James Robert Bishop: Dates listed:1/10/66-1/21/66

Here's all the feds have to say about Mr. Bishop's eleven days on the list: "Bishop was arrested in Aspen, Colorado by the FBI after a citizen recognized him from an Identification Order. He had been working as a kitchen helper."

Everett Leroy Biggs: Dates listed: 11/21/66-12/1/66

The FBI skimps on data regarding Mr. Biggs. The Bureau's account reads: "Due to an FBI investigation, Biggs was arrested in Broomfield, Colorado."

But Trivia Library at least lets us know what he did to get listed in this squib: "EVERETT LEROY BIGGS. Crime: Bank robbery and armed robbery. Conclusion: Biggs was taken by surprise outside his Colorado hideout."

James Ray Renton: Dates listed: 4/7/76-5/9/77

The feds' description is concise: "Due to an FBI investigation, Renton was arrested in Aurora, Colorado." But it turns out that Renton inspired a book entitled Like a Thief's Dream. Here's a description of it:

"James Ray Renton — thief, counterfeiter, and bank robber — became one of America's Ten Most Wanted Men when he was charged with murdering a young Arkansas policeman in 1976. After a daring escape from the Tucker Maximum Security Unit in the 1980s, Renton made the FBI's Fifteen Most Wanted List. He later wrote a 60-page account of his escape and adventures, sent in a series of letters to photojournalist Danny Lyon, a close friend of Renton's since they met in the Texas prison system in 1967. After Renton's death in 1996, Lyon visited the Arkansas town where Renton had been convicted, and through an incredible paper trail located Dinker Cassell, who was sentenced to life along with Renton for the murder — but who may be entirely innocent. Like a Thief's Dream, Lyon's first work of nonfiction prose, is the gripping story of two men — one alive, the other dead—and an unparalleled portrayal of prison life in the 1980s and 90s."

John William Sherman: Dates listed: 8/3/79-12/17/81

Sherman was on the run for two years. Then, say the feds, he "was arrested in Golden, Colorado while he was getting into his car outside his residence."

Want more? According to the December 15, 1981 edition of the Daily News, Sherman broke out of a Lompoc, California prison in 1979. He was a member of the George Jackson Brigade, named for a radical prisoner killed in San Quentin by prison guards in 1971. He "allegedly participated in at least 14 of the group's bank robberies and 11 bombings."

Daniel Jay Barney: Dates listed: 3/10/81-4/19/81

For the last Colorado capture on the list, a fitting bit of finality for a man wanted for rape and robbery: "Barney took four hostages in a condominium in Denver, Colorado. After two escaped and the police negotiated the release of the other two hostages, Barney killed himself."

Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias
March 14, 2013

Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias is wanted for the murder of a longtime family acquaintance of his girlfriend. The 69-year-old victim was found brutally beaten, stabbed, and dumped in the mountains of Jefferson County, Colorado. The crime took place on August 17, 2011. Rivera Gracias is believed to be in El Salvador, and may have a Salvadoran identification that says Edwin Rivera. He may also attempt to travel to the United States using fraudulent documents. He is a member of the La Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13). Rivera Gracias has ties to other gang members who are located in Colorado; Los Angeles, California; and El Salvador. Rivera Gracias may also visit Mexico and Guatemala.

03/27/13 Update: Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias was taken into custody in El Salvador and transferred to authorities in Denver, Colorado.

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