Internet leaps to support student banned from prom for whiff of weed

A press conference featuring Sarah Heideman, a Brighton High School student who was banned from prom because her boyfriend, Jason Schweinsberg, allegedly smelled like marijuana, received a surprising amount of mainstream coverage in the Denver area, in part because of Heideman's unusual demands: She wants the school to pony up for the $460 she spent on a dress, having her hair done, dinner, tickets, etc. But the blogosphere has leapt to her defense as well, including NORML blogger Dudemaster, who equates the case to an incident involving bullying security guards and his service-dog Whippet (really), and The Weekly Vice's Danny Vice, who writes, "Brighton, what's wrong with admitting you made a mistake? What's wrong with simply rectifying the mistake? When did it get so hard to resolve simple problems? Since taypayers are the ones who fund your school, who do you think will be on the hook when you are sued for such nonsense? It seems far cheaper to just give the kids their expense money back and move on rather than invite an expensive lawsuit with ignorance and intolerance."

They're not just blowing smoke.

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