iPad theft defendant Brandon Smith, 2010 Shmuck of the Year nominee

Westword is asking readers to help us select the Shmuck of the Year by rolling out five candidates this month. The winner -- loser -- will be announced on January 3. Our first four candidates were Josh McDaniels, Scott McInnis, Gary Faulkner and Ron Perea.

This week, say hello to Brandon Smith, who's been accused of stealing an iPad and then trying to kill the victim:

Remember all the hype about the iPad, which was unveiled in January? Bill Jordan and Brandon Smith will never forget it.

In April, as Jordan was leaving the Cherry Creek mall with a newly purchased iPad, police say Brandon Smith grabbed the bag he was carrying, yanking it so hard that he ripped Jordan's pinkie finger to the bone. Smith was later arrested -- using videotape captured by a security camera. Jordon had to have part of his finger amputated.

But Smith didn't stop there.

As if he hadn't made life hell for Jordan already, Smith reportedly tried to put a hit out on Jordan from jail, so he couldn't testify against him. Is there an app for that? According to police reports, in July Smith wrote a note to an acquaintance, asking him to kill Jordan. The note, which was intercepted by jail officials, included Jordan's address.

Attempted murder has been added to the charges that Smith faces.

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