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Ira Logan, shooter, and Gerhard Ohmstede, dead man, ID'd in possible Make My Day case

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Update: The Lakewood Police Department has identified the principals involved in a fatal shooting late Tuesday night. The dead man is Gerhard Alan Ohmstede, forty, while the person who killed him is Ira Miguel Logan, 28. However, Logan is no longer in custody, and he may not be charged with a crime if the Jefferson County District Attorney determines that Logan's actions were justified under Colorado's Make My Day law.

The latest from police spokesman Steve Davis confirms what he told us yesterday, in a conversation on view below: Ohmstede is thought to have entered Logan's South Harlan Street home uninvited and confronted Logan and a woman with him -- Ohmstede's former girlfriend, and Logan's current one, according to Davis. At that point, Logan shot and killed Ohmstede.

If the DA's office determines that Logan was defending his home against an intruder, he may be cleared of any wrongdoing.

By the way (update), the address where the shooting took place is across the street and less than a block away from another notable address in Lakewood crime. Convicted serial rapist Marc O'Leary, who received a 327 year sentence this past December for a series of shocking crimes, was arrested in February 2011 at his 65 Harlan Street home.

Get more details about the latest incident in our previous coverage below.

Original item, 9:29 a.m. October 4: The identity of a man who was shot to death in Lakewood on late Tuesday night is expected to be released later today, along with the name of the person who killed him.

However, the latter isn't in custody. He was booked and released under circumstances that suggest he'll be cleared of criminal wrongdoing under Colorado's Make My Day law.

A little after 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Lakewood Police were called to a South Harlan Street residence in the vicinity of West Ellsworth Avenue. There, they found a man who'd been killed by a gunshot wound, as well as a second man and a woman initially described as acquaintances of the deceased. This morning, police spokesman Steve Davis provides more details.

"The victim was an ex-boyfriend," Davis says, "and his ex-girlfriend was at the house of the new boyfriend. It would appear that the victim forced entry into the residence, and that's when the altercation took place."

Afterward, Davis continues, "our detectives were on the scene along with the DA's office. They'd sent some people out, which is common on homicide scenes. And their determination was to book and release pending the investigation."

At this point, Davis is precluded from confirming that the reason for this move on the part of the district attorney has to do with what seem to be Make My Day circumstances. However, he emphasizes that any decision about charges, or lack thereof, will be made by the DA.

He adds, "If there's any good news, it's not a whodunit case. There's not somebody loose running around who committed a homicide. It would appear to be a clear-cut case."

Davis is hopeful that the coroner's office identification will be complete soon, after which he'll be able to share the name of the shooter and additional details. We'll update this post afterward. In the meantime, here's an interactive graphic of the area near the scene; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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