Is ConocoPhillips thinking about moving its headquarters to Louisville?

Intriguing story in today's Houston Chronicle about Houston-based energy giant ConocoPhillips.

Reporter Brett Clanton notes that the firm is downsizing elsewhere, but it recently filed "a preliminary development plan for its 432-acre site in Louisville, Colo., a small town roughly six miles east of Boulder and 25 miles northwest of Denver."

That's a lotta land -- so much it's prompted questions about possible consolidation of research centers in Houston and Oklahoma, and perhaps even a move of "senior-level executives from the Houston headquarters to the new site." And in answering them, Mary Manning, a ConocoPhillips real-estate specialist, doesn't completely shut down speculation.

Manning tells the Chronicle there are no plans "at this point" to relocate those research centers, and an exec move is "totally undetermined" -- responses that are notably open-ended.

Regarding the Louisville site, previously occupied by StorageTek, reporter Clanton writes that ConocoPhillips "envisions an 'integrated and holistic campus' with research facilities focused on renewables and other emerging technologies, an employee training center, general office space and support services like lodging and a fitness center. A first phase would be occupied by 2013, with later phases filled by 2018 and 2032."

And the number of employees needed? The Chron says it's asked for an okay for 7,000 within the next quarter century or so.

Get those applications ready...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.