Is Denver the plastic-surgery capital of America?

Is Denver the nation's plastic-surgery capital? Yes, according to a new poll by LivingSocial, a daily-deals website that is apparently also in the habit of surveying the public about boob jobs and metrosexuality. This week, it released the results of its "Vanity Survey," which found that Denver is first out of twenty major cities when it comes to people who know someone who has had "at least one cosmetic procedure." Scientific!

LivingSocial claims to have surveyed 4,000 "online consumers" in November, including 200 in the Denver area. It asked them questions such as how hot they consider themselves on a scale of one to ten, if people in their city are overweight and/or metrosexual and whether they'd been to the spa or had their teeth whitened in the past year. It also asked if they knew someone who'd had one of several cosmetic procedures, including breast implants, a tummy tuck or lip enhancement.

The results? Forty-five percent of respondents said people in Denver are athletic, while 32 percent claimed that Denverites are fatties. Twenty-nine percent said the men in Denver (or Menver) are handsome, while 33 percent said the women are beautiful.

In addition, 48 percent copped to having had a massage in the past year, while 27 percent admitted to having been waxed. (The results did not specify where.) Forty-three percent said they'd had a manicure, but only 14 percent confessed to getting spray-tanned.

The plastic surgery results are a bit harder to decipher. Instead of offering percentages, LivingSocial ranked the cities according to the prevalence of each procedure. For instance, Denver ranks fourth for lip enhancement, Botox and butt implants (what, what?!?). We're also seventh for hair transplants, facelifts and nose jobs.

This "science" leads us to several conclusions.

One: Colorado native Heidi Montag took the survey...two hundred times.

Two: There's a one-in-four chance that your neighbor has gotten a Brazilian wax.

Three: In the words of '90s R&B superstars Bel Biv DeVoe, "Never trust a big butt and a smile." Especially in Denver, because that big butt is probably fake.

See the full survey results below:

Vanity Survey Fact Sheet_Denver

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