Is Richard Quinn the next Brandon Marshall?

Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, a multiple Shmuck of the Week champ, acts as if no one knows the trouble he's seen (or stirred). Now, however, the team has a pass-catcher with whom Marshall can definitely relate: tight end Richard Quinn, a second-round draft pick from North Carolina, who was busted over the weekend on a domestic-violence charge related to telephone obstruction. Quinn's live-in girlfriend, Tiffany Merritt, told representatives of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office that after the two of them got into an argument, Quinn shook her to the ground and took her cellphone so that she couldn't call Johnny Law -- so she dialed 911 from a neighbor's home.

Speaking to the Denver Post, Quinn's attorney and agent, Peter Schaffer, essentially paints his client as a responsible citizen being victimized by an out-of-control lover -- an approach that worked for Marshall, who was acquitted of battery in a trial involving his former main squeeze, Rasheedah Watley, in Atlanta last month. Excellent: More experiences they can share.

Read the ACSO release about Quinn's arrest below:

On September 7, 2009 deputies responded to the 10100 block of Inverness Main St. on a report of a verbal disturbance that had been physical. The victim was calling from that area. Upon arrival deputies spoke with the victim identified as:

Merritt, Tiffany (age 22)

Tiffany told deputies that she and her live in boyfriend got into an argument. He then grabbed her, shook her to the ground, and took the house phone out of her hand while she was calling 911. The boyfriend was later identified as:

Quinn, Richard (Denver Bronco's Player)

Tiffany also told deputies that Mr. Quinn took her cell phone and told her that she was not going to call the police. Tiffany then ran to a neighbor's house to call 911.

When deputies spoke with Mr. Quinn, he admitted taking the phone out of Tiffany's hand so she couldn't call the police. Mr. Quinn stated that he only grabbed Tiffany when she started hitting him in the face. During the investigation deputies did not see any visible signs that Mr. Quinn had been struck in the face or head area.

Mr. Quinn was taken into custody and transported to the Sullivan Detention Facility where he was booked in on the following charges; Harassment -- Obstruction of Telephone Services -- Domestic Violence, (No Bond)

On call commander Chief Williamson was notified.

Tiffany was put in contact with victim assistance.

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