Is the Broncos' coaching job the best in football?

On ESPN radio (1600 AM) this morning, host Colin Cowherd veered into an interesting discussion about the best coaching jobs in college and pro football. In judging great coaching gigs, he said he looks for a handful of traits: supportive but not unrealistic fans, supportive but not overbearing owners/administrators, some control over personnel, the money and cache to attract top prospects, and a city that doesn't make you want to hang yourself.

I expected Cowherd for make his case for USC or the Cowboys, maybe the New York Giants or Ohio State. But he went somewhere that didn't even occur to me: the Broncos.

He makes a pretty good case: It's a nice place to live, and an easy place to attract free agents. Ownership is solid but not meddlesome and gives Mike Shanahan plenty of control -- perhaps even too much, Cowherd correctly pointed out. And the fans are loyal and feverish, but not Duracell-throwing lunatics like Philly's or so-drunk-they're-asleep-by-half-time like Buffalo's.

Cowherd also pointed to the University of Texas, and that's where his list stopped. Those are the only truly great coaching jobs. It seems random and absurd, but I'm having trouble coming up with alternatives: The Cowboys? Only if you want an owner so intrusive you might wake up and find him in your kitchen. Ohio State? I guess, if you want to be hung form the stadium lights the day you lose to Michigan (and if you want to live in Columbus). USC? Florida? New York Giants? New England Patriots? All great jobs, but they don't meet all of Cowherd's criteria.

Who am I missing? And is there any reason the Broncos' job isn't the NFL's best? -- Joe Tone

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