Is Ward Churchill sneaking cigs in the Denver County Courthouse men's room?

Trials can be really stressful, with all the argumentation and whatnot. Though Ward Churchill's wrongful-termination lawsuit against the University of Colorado has seemed less bombastic than perhaps the drum-beaters might have preferred, no one would blame the chain-smoking professor for grabbing a few puffs during recess to calm the ol' nerves.

So what are we to make of the reports from two separate Denver County Courthouse employees who tell Westword they've spotted Churchill sneaking ciggies in men's restroom stalls?

The prof's loyal supporters have already accused this newspaper of being journalistically biased against his smoking habit, so perhaps we should recuse ourselves from this important debate. So what do you think?

Is it yet another example of a man who disregards rules of ethics in pursuit of his own gain? Or is it a further showcase of a proud intellectual using his "academic freedom" to subvert the oppressive status quo -- in this case, the city's anti-smoking ordinance?

The trial continues next week. Will more of America's true second-class-citizen smokers join Churchill in his little boys' room protest? Freeeedoo -- cough, cough, hack. Ahem. Freedoomm!

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