It's like John TV -- but with dogs!

As we note in this week's paper, a recent Englewood city council discussion about how to regulate proliferating marijuana dispensaries was drowned out by a much more pressing concern -- dog poo. While only a handful of folks showed up at the hearing to talk weed, a small army of concerned citizens showed up to discuss Englewood's Jason Park, where the number of off-leash dogs have some park goers in a tizzy.

The pro-leash contingent made the above video to illustrate how their local patch of green is well, going to the dogs. It's heady stuff, filled with angry confrontations, seeming close calls between canines and children (at times, filmmakers seem a bit disappointed that there isn't any actual bloodshed) and close-ups of Fido caught in the action. Talk about fragrant foul! Then again, if I'd been enjoying Jason Park that day, I would've less concerned about the free-roaming dogs than I was about the weirdos with the video camera zooming in on small children and dog feces. Can we make the folks who made this film stay on leashes, too?

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