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J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets spells "shmuck" when it comes to Tim Tebow

You may remember Tim Tebow. He used to be the Denver Broncos starting quarterback. Ring a bell? Anyway, last weekend, the Broncos traded him to the New York Jets, who will use him as their backup QB -- at least for now. Tebow didn't ask to be traded and he didn't ask to be a second-string quarterback. All things being equal, I think he would have preferred to remain as Denver's starter.

So to the anonymous Jets players -- the ones causing all sorts of trouble for that team since January -- who told the media that Tebow will be a distraction and shouldn't have had a new conference because he is only a back-up: You sirs, are idiots.

Because you are causing more havoc in your locker room than Tebow ever will.

First of all, Tebow wasn't a backup when he was traded. Second, he is probably the single biggest superstar in the NFL right now regardless of his role on the team, and superstars get press conferences. And finally, Tebow isn't the one taking anonymous pot shots at the team.

In fact, Tebow says all the right things -- all the time. He works his ass off, and even if you disagree with his politics and his beliefs, you can't question the fact that he was been a winner on the field wherever he goes.

In the mean time, the Jets suck. They are full of prima donna players like Santonio Homes and Antonio Cromartie and coached by a foul-mouthed foot lover who can't shut up about how he is going to beat the Patriots and win the Super Bowl. Except he hasn't.

If you want to gripe about things, start there. And let Tebow be Tebow.

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