J’ Shabu

“I’ve been thrown out of some of these bars. Chased out. Ignored. I don’t do karaoke, but I know a place where one might indulge their proclivities for singing half-drunk versions of Mandy or Forever in Blue Jeans until late in the night or early in the morning. I know where to get great baguette, crab soup, acupuncture, a two dollar bacon sandwich, Korean donuts, Pocky and lychee juice. I know where to find durian. If it ever becomes an issue, I’m pretty sure I know where to find a hitman. When I have an appetite for it, I know where to go for shabu shabu.”

That place would be J’ Shabu, chef Jun Makino’s second restaurant (following Junz in Parler) and the subject of this week’s review. Shabu shabu is strange stuff—Japanese party food, fondue for the lactose intolerant—and on a rainy spring night, I was the only one who’d shown up alone.

J’ Shabu aside, we’ve also got another trip to see the ramen god at Oshima Ramen in Tiffany Plaza and good news from Duy Pham who put in a call this week to Bite Me World HQ and gave me the skinny on the new JJ Chinese recently opened on Alameda. Check it all out on Wednesday, kids. And bring your own chopsticks.--Jason Sheehan

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Crystal Preston-Watson