Jaacob Vanwinkle, sex offender, busted in murder of Canon City mom, two kids

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Vanwinkle is listed on the Colorado Sex Offender website. He's described as being 31 years old and sporting tattoos on his left hand, right arm, left calf, left shoulder and neck.

His current status refers to him as "incarcerated" -- which was out of date until a short time ago.

Back in September 2011, Vanwinkle was brought in for questioning in Johnson County, Indiana, after his roommate, fifty-year-old Michael Eaton, was reported missing. Police subsequently found Eaton's body under debris in the bedroom of a residence the pair shared. Vanwinkle was captured in a wooded area and is said to have been wanted on a parole violation at the time.

Here's a mug shot of Vanwinkle that accompanied news reports of his 2011 arrest. As you can see, his neck tattoo can be seen clearly.

We don't yet know when Vanwinkle was freed from his previous jailing or how he made his way to Colorado. But the crime for which he's been arrested is both serious and shocking.

Reports say the teenage daughter of a 35-year-old woman called police about an assault. Upon their arrival, officers found the woman dead along with her five-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter.

Here's a video package about Vanwinkle's 2011 arrest, followed by a new booking photo showing him with a shaved head. Below that is our previous coverage.

Continue for our previous coverage of the triple homicide in Canon City, including an interactive graphic and a photo.
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