Aurora Theater Shooting

James Holmes Dies: Jokey Twitter account has 39,000 followers and falling

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Unlike the first rush of James Holmes tribute pages, the salutes that continue to linger on Facebook and Tumblr sites said to have been created by admirers who call themselves Holmies, James Holmes Dies has a name that implies disapproval for his actions. Moreover, the humor follows the model of popular memes that show a photo of a dweeby looking student said to have tried something either commonplace or trendy and then died in the process.

Here's one example....

...and another....

There's no scale on which to rate a given Aurora theater shooting gag's offensiveness, or lack thereof. But most people are likely to find these attempted zingers to be less disturbing than some of the other gags floating around out there, including on Twitter. Note, however, that there are only a relative handful of fake accounts on the service, with a surprising number of them (like this one) in Spanish or other languages. Moreover, the popularity of James Holmes Dies appears to be on the wane. When we checked the account late last week, it had more than 40,000 followers, but that's dipped to 39,305 at this writing.

Could the joke be wearing thin? Judge for yourself by checking out more of these samples from the account.

Page down to read more James Holmes Dies tweets.
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