James Mejia is at home in the Denver mayor's race -- maybe your home

The mayoral race is finally heating up, not because of TV ads, but because robocalls are burning up the phone lines -- of those Denver residents who still have land lines, at least. I heard a recent message from James Mejia too late for "Denver-made" breakfast at his headquarters, but I could still join him in an "invigorating run" along the Platte tomorrow morning.

Don't wait for me.

Still, I have to admire Mejia's choice of bars where he's meeting with voters this week -- the Rackhouse Pub and Crimson & Gold. And then there's the truly intriguing option that his campaign is offering: Residents can host Mejia on a sleepover at their own homes, an as Off Limits item notes this week.

On the Mejia at Home page of his campaign site, the candidate has been blogging about these visits. Here's his entry from March 10:

When my host, former State Representative, Fran Coleman and her husband, Ben, told me that they were giving up their room and their bed for me, I pleaded with them not to. However, when they told me that when Mayor Webb was spending his days on the road, he stayed with them in the same room and the same bed, I took them up on their offer. They also mentioned that he left his socks at their house. I was careful not to leave any socks behind...

He might want to stay away from the phone, too.

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