James Salazar takes the train to Shmuckville

There is a long and storied tradition in this country of hobos jumping freight trains and riding across the country, looking for work. It's a tradition that began during the Civil War and gained prominence during the Great Depression. Hobos have to be brave and a little (or a lot) crazy. They have to be tough and they have to be quiet. But hopping a freight train and then calling 911 because you can't get off? That's a much less storied tradition.

Earlier this week, a forty-year-old man named James Salazar hopped an eastbound freight train in Grand Junction in order to catch a ride to work, according to police. But the train didn't stop where Salazar wanted it to, so he called 911 from the top of the train.

He was also cold, according to news reports.

When the train did finally stop -- in Glenwood Springs -- Salazar received a warm welcome from police there, who arrested him and charged him with trespassing. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three days in jail.

We're guessing this hobo-turned-shmuck needs to find another way to commute.

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