Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, aka Jihad Jamie: Stepfather accused of abusing her son

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, aka Jihad Jamie, put Leadville in the national spotlight a couple of years back when she was arrested as part of a terror plot. Also gaining unwanted attention: Christine and George Mott, her mother and stepfather, who later wound up with custody of Jamie's then-six-year-old son. Now, the Motts are making new headlines thanks to charges that George abused the boy as Christine watched -- allegations she vigorously rejects.

Back in 2010, Paulin-Ramirez was charged with giving material support to terrorists in relation to an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist; see the indictment below. The next year, she pleaded guilty to one count. However, she's still awaiting sentencing.

In the meantime, the Motts wound up with custody of Jamie's son. But as reported by the Leadville Herald Democrat last month, the two were arrested on April 11 for an incident said to have happened in February.

According to an arrest report cited by CBS4 in a new item on view below, George slammed a dog to the ground, then announced, "That's how I get kids and dogs to listen and how I discipline them." He's also accused of putting a belt and his legs around the child's neck in Christine's presence, and that of another witness. The report says Christine didn't intervene.

The Herald Democrat also makes note of a second allegation of child abuse targeting Mott, dating from early March. In that instance, he allegedly "used force to take the boy to the bathroom, and...was unaware of his behavior in a public place," according to three witnesses.

For this reported behavior, George was arrested on suspicion of child abuse, among other allegations, while Christine was ticketed for her role. But speaking to CBS4's Rick Sallinger, she proclaimed their innocence. In her words, "If that man had harmed a hair on that child's head, he'd be six feet under and I'd be in prison for murder."

She also maintains that the Town of Leadville is prejudiced against George because of his race. The CBS4 report doesn't mention his background, but a 2010 item on the website Maggie's Notebook describes him as "an Arabic-speaking Muslim convert."

Here's the CBS4 report, followed by the Paulin-Ramirez indictment and a plea memo.

Jamie Paulin Ramirez superseding indictment:

Jamie Paulin Ramirez plea memo:

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