Jamie Valdiviezo-Perera bust: Pumas, a tiger blanket and murder of El Cholo (9)

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As you'll see, the names of many folks who spoke to police have been removed from the affidavit, likely due either to age (in the case of the juvenile suspect) or status as witnesses against Valdiviezo-Perera. The victim has been identified as Juan Hernandez-Soto, but In the document, he's referred to by his nickname: El Cholo.

Early on Saturday the 16th, according to the report, police received a call about a Hispanic male found wrapped in a blanket. The man had been shot in the face, stomach and left arm. He was wearing a white tank top, blue jeans and red-and-white Pumas, while the blanket sported a black-and-white tiger -- details that would prove important before long.

Why? Detectives on the scene soon discovered that police had received another call from the neighborhood at about 3:13 a.m. The unnamed men at the apartment in question, on South Quivas Street, about three blocks south and two blocks west of where the body was discovered, told officers that they'd been out, and when they returned, they found blood and spent shell casings in the living room. Moreover, their roommate, a short, skinny Hispanic in his mid-twenties (he was actually 27) known to them only as El Cholo, was missing.

The basic description of El Cholo matched that of the man found in the alley, right down to the red Pumas and a blanket he owned -- one with a black-and-white animal on it. Detectives promptly obtained a search warrant for the South Quivas pad.

Then, later that evening, officers received a call from someone who had information about the crime -- details that prompted an interview with the tipster and a second individual, as well as the following story.

The two said the suspect, who they called Jamie, had visited the El Sinaloense, a bar not far from the South Quivas apartment. (His son was present, too, but because of his age, he waited for his father in his truck.) The drinking continued back at the South Quivas apartment, but at some point, the witnesses went to bed.

Some time later, El Cholo got up to use the bathroom, and when he returned to the living room, one of the witnesses heard a gunshot. "There, there, Jamie, you got me," El Cholo said -- after which three or more shots were fired.

Afterward, Jamie, who was seen with a black gun in his hand, asked for plastic bags and a blanket from the bedroom -- the one with the tiger on it. The witnesses are said to have reacted by distancing themselves from the situation, saying that whatever went down was between Jamie and El Cholo. They left it to Jamie to wrap up the body, dump him in the back of his truck, and drive him away...although not too far.

Before long, detectives discovered that Jamie was Valdiviezo-Perera, and after his picture was selected from photo lineups, he was busted on suspicion of first-degree murder. To that accusation, the Denver DA's office added two charges of menacing, for attempting to goad the witnesses at the apartment into helping him dispose of El Cholo's body. Valdiviezo-Perera is scheduled for a court appearance at 1:30 p.m. today to be formally advised of the counts against him.

Look below to take a larger look at his booking photo, as well as to read the arrest affidavit. That's followed by our previous coverage.

Jamie Valdiviezo-Perea Arrest Affidavt

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