Jane Norton thrilled to cite New York Times plug that doesn't exist

Over the weekend, the New York Times ran a piece about local disenchantment with our current crop of sad-sack incumbents, headlined "Democrats See Hopes for West Dim in Colorado." GOP Senate candidate Jane Norton was so delighted with the article that she linked to it on her Facebook page, introducing the piece this way:

"'Conservative Jane Norton: the candidate who can take back Colorado from the liberals and Obama.' Read more..."

Now, the conspicuous use of quotation marks might lead gullible people (like you and me) to think that Norton is actually quoting from the article itself. But the Times report says no such thing.

Most of the analysis focuses on the Dems' internal bickering and penchant for circular firing squads. Norton isn't even mentioned until the last couple of paragraphs, in which she's identified as one of three Republican candidates trying to unseat Michael Bennett. It's hardly a ringing endorsement. But then, facts haven't mattered much so far in this particular Senate race, which we pegged as a gloriously ugly mudwallow several months ago.

An item on ColoradoPols notes that someone left a comment on Norton's Facebook page protesting the misleading non-quote. That comment has since been removed.

The misleading non-quote is still there.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.