A bus stuck in Monday's snowstorm.
A bus stuck in Monday's snowstorm.
CBS4 via YouTube

Reader: Weather Forecasting Is Not an Exact Science...Anywhere

Weather forecasters had predicted a light dusting for Monday, January 28. But morning commuters were met instead with heavy snowfall and hazardous road conditions.

Still, Denver Public Schools didn't call a snow day, and we heard from drivers who were enraged that the Colorado Department of Transportation seemingly hadn't plowed the roads. Both agencies argue they didn't mishandle the situation.

Readers weighed in...once the snow cleared.

Says TN:

To add to your your RTD/DPS commuter mess in Denver story, the same was going on across the city. Please add to this. Mismanagement was everywhere. Jeffco refuses to do delayed starts and says so on their website and didn't call a snow day. It took my husband 45 minutes to get my daughter a normal 15 minute drive to school. Multiple roads were shut down on the way due to accidents: Ward Road, with its huge hills, and Kipling. On top of contributing to this mess by not at least doing a delayed start, they put all those kids in danger by forcing them to be on the road in those conditions to get to school.

Doug responds:

Gosh, we live at 5,000 feet and it snows in the winter. Why is that a surprise to anyone that it can be a real problem every now and then? I just have to laugh at the whiners, get over it.

But Shawna argues:

Great for you that have vehicles that can easily get through snow. YAY for you! That does not negate the fact that CDOT failed miserably.

John replies:

People here can't drive in any amount of accumulation. People even freak out when it rains. We're lucky it doesn't snow in Denver often.

Adds Alyssa:

It’s Colorado! It snows in Colorado!!! Why blame anyone?! Learn how to drive! I made it down Colfax from Lakewood to downtown and never slid or got stuck once. I went about my day and enjoyed the snow!

And Kevin concludes:

Oh, boo hoo. Weather forecasting is not an exact science... anywhere. We're moving to Denver from Asheville, NC. If you think weather forecasting here is difficult and inaccurate, guess again. "Mountains make their own weather."

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While CDOT and school officials came in for plenty of criticism, local weathercasters took a beating, too.

As traffic gridlock reigned on highways and major arterials on January 28, CBS4's Chris Spears tweeted an illustration of a sheepish-looking man and the words "I'm sorry," along with this message: "Meteorologists stay humble. We’re never going to master Mother Nature. And general public...be compassionate. All weekend I said this will be a high impact storm regardless of totals. But the bottom line is it dumped way more than expected and that is frustrating."

What do you think of how this storm was handled? Let us know in a comment or e-mail westword.com.

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