Jason Giambi testifies at Barry Bonds trial: Steroid honesty is the best policy (VIDEO)

At Giants slugger Barry Bonds' perjury trial yesterday, the Colorado Rockies' Jason Giambi testified about a long history of steroid use and his interactions with Bonds' trainer, Greg Anderson. And outside? As seen in the video below, he signed autographs. Yes, the scene smacked of irony. But it also demonstrated yet again that the American public far prefers honesty about bad behavior than an insistence that it never took place.

As for what Giambi said, here's an excerpt from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, whose doggedness is largely responsible for Bonds' current predicament:

Jason Giambi testified that Anderson ran some tests on his blood and urine in late 2002, then told him that he had tested positive for the steroid Deca-Durabolin. Anderson supplied him with BALCO's then-undetectable steroid and also offered to provide human growth hormone if Giambi wanted it. To paraphrase the American League's MVP of 2000: "Thanks anyway, I already have some."

Clearly, Giambi didn't need Anderson to lead him down the path of dubious hypodermic use. He wound up at that destination all by his lonesome. But while his assorted injections no doubt boosted him during his big-earning prime, the repercussions are obvious for all to see. Like plenty of other steroid junkies, Giambi eventually began suffering from assorted health breakdowns that kept him on the shelf for long stretches, and made him much less effective when he was able to make it onto the field.

At this point, Giambi's pretty much a pinch hitter for the Rockies, albeit a charismatic and good humored one -- witness his devotion to his lucky gold thong. Rather than acting surly, like Bonds, or hiding his dirty little secret from the media, as so many peers have done, he confessed and has moved on as best he can, determined to enjoy what's left of his career. It's proven to be a wise approach that other baseball ass puncturers would do well to emulate.

Here's an Associated Press report about Giambi's testimony yesterday.

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