Jeffco School Board Member's Child Threatened Amid Patriotic History Plan Controversy?

Following another day of student protests over a controversial Jefferson County School Board proposal to stress patriotism and downplay civil disorder in American history curriculum, news has surfaced about investigations into an alleged threat against the child of at least one school board member -- and another has come forward to talk about a similar experience from some time ago.

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Yesterday's most prominent student protests took place at Chatfield and Dakota Ridge high schools. The Chatfield Student Walk-out Facebook page notes that Jeffco superintendent Dan Dan McMinimee "will be at our school [Thursday] during access, come to get your questions answered!"

This tactic didn't work too well yesterday. McMinimee met yesterday with students from Alameda International High School -- and many of them walked out of school after his presentation. See a video about that below.

Then, last night, Fox31 that both the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the Jefferson County School District confirm ongoing investigations into alleged threats made against the child of an unnamed school board member.

In addition, John Newkirk, another of the school board conservatives whose polices have stirred so much controversy, told the station that he and his family were threatened a couple months after he was elected, in November 2013.

As evidence, Fox31 shared a censored image of derogatory graffiti....

...and Newkirk also mentioned that someone had responded to a decal on his car featuring a happy family by fashioning a meteor that appeared ready to smash into them.

"It's one thing to throw rocks at me," Newkirk said. "I'm an elected official. But when you target the family, that crosses a line."

A Jefferson County School District employee ultimately confessed in regard to the sticker and received two weeks of paid administrative leave as punishment.

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The sheriff's office isn't sharing the name of the board member whose child was allegedly threatened, since the investigation is ongoing. Here's a 7News report about Superintendent McMinimee's appearance at Alameda International High School and the subsequent walkout.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.