Jenny Kush's friends share memories of cannabis activist killed by drunk driver

In reporting "The life and tragic death of cannabis advocate Jenny Kush," our feature article about a cannabis activist and Internet radio host killed by a drunk driver, we heard a lot of good stories and kind words that we just couldn't quite squeeze in.

Thankfully, there's always room on the web.

Below, we've compiled a few thoughts on Kush, as well as the final edition of her SexPot Radio show, during which dozens of her friends said goodbye.

Bho Johnson: Hash guru at River Rock Wellness
Jenny Kush was love and honesty in a way that most people will never have a chance to experience in their lives. If she knew you, she loved you. She didn't have circles or levels of friends, she was your best friend, to every friend. She loved in a way that most, including myself, struggle to achieve, and for all our effort, achieve far less then she did just by walking into a room. Thank you, Jenny, for everything, and for everything else.
Dread Smokes Weed: Grower, Rare Dankness Seeds
I have so many fond memories of Jenny, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the time I spent living in Lakewood within walking distance of Mad Hatter Smoke Shop. Jenny would call me all the time just to come give her hugs. If i didn't go, you can bet your ass i would hear about it the next time I saw her. And not just any hugs: I mean full on embraces. Jenny always gave the best hugs. There would be days after working all day that I would want to just go home and sleep, but if I knew Jenny was up at the shop alone, I would just go hang with her and talk about our lives and whatever we may have been dealing with at that moment in time. Those hugs and those talks we shared are what I will miss most about Jenny.
Kim Sidwell: Cannabis industry photographer
I'm absolutely in shock. Very angry and very sad. Jenny truly was a breath of fresh air in this world, she was one of the most committed activists I've had the pleasure to document. This world was a better place with her in it.... Painful day... sure does put things into perspective. I never told Jenny how wonderful I thought she was. Never told her that she was one of the most original people I've ever met or that her positivity was absolutely contagious. Never told her how much I admired the way she faced and dealt with the challenges she had been dealt and I never told her how much I enjoyed hearing her laugh. I loved the way you could hear her distinct laughter through a crowd from across the room.
Continue for more memories of Jenny Kush, including a video from the last edition of SexPot Radio.
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