Jeremiah Perez, Last Week's Schmuck for Threatening Police, Released on Bond

Last week 33-year-old Jeremiah Perez was arrested for making online threats toward police officers. After the FBI was alerted to his disturbing online postings, they traced the IP address to Colorado Springs, where Perez was arrested -- netting himself our Schmuck of the Week award.

After yesterday's preliminary hearing, Perez was released on a $25,000 bond; when space becomes available, he will be living in a halfway house.

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On December 17, Google had contacted the San Francisco FBI office to report some threatening online behavior. Someone using the name "Vets Hunting Cops, had posted violent comments on Youtube videos, including one that said: "SINCE DARREN WILSON our group has killed 6 retired sheriffs and cops......because of this event we will hunt two more in colorado this week..... for every innocent citizen that cops kill WE, VETERANS WILL KILL RETIRED HELPLESS COPS."

On December 22, the FBI arrested Perez. A forensic examination of his computer confirmed that the above comment, along with several others, had come from that computer.

Yesterday Perez appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Boyd N. Boland for a preliminary hearing (which he waived, through his attorney), and a detention hearing. During the detention hearing the government asked that Perez be held without bond, arguing that he was a danger to the community.

After hearing both the prosecution and defense arguments, Boland ordered Perez's release on a $25,000 bond. He also ordered that Perez have no contact with computers, and follow other standard conditions of release: no access to firearms, no possession or use of marijuana. Have a tip? E-mail [email protected]

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