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Jimmy Fleetwood, accused of pulling gun on driver, having hard time adjusting to city life

Jimmy Fleetwood stands accused of pulling a gun on another driver during a road rage incident near Boulder.

Why might he have done so? Well, his wife Lauren, who was also busted, since the weapon was found in the car's backseat near their two young kids, suggests that the Oklahoman is having a hard time adjusting to city life.

According to a Boulder Police report on view below in its entirety, cops were contacted this past Sunday afternoon by one Bently Jay Woods, who said the driver of another car had pointed a handgun at him in the vicinity of U.S. 36 and Foothills Parkway. Woods provided a description of the car (a white, four-door Dodge) and an Oklahoma license plate number, and by trailing the vehicle, he was able to keep officers apprised of its location until they stopped it in a parking lot off Table Mesa Drive.

The car contained Jimmy, Lauren, their two children, Jimmy's brother Michael and one more passenger: a black and silver semi-automatic in the backseat with the kids. The gat included a sixteen-bullet magazine with one chunk o' lead missing. The extra bullet was found directly under where one of the youngsters had been sitting.

After being cuffed, according to the report, Jimmy asked an officer why he was being arrested. Upon being told there'd been a report of him pulling a weapon on someone, he first asked, "What?," then denied having a gun -- although he admitted that his wife did. The report's narrative says he subsequently grew loud and agitated, declaring that the other guy should be arrested instead of him. After all, Jimmy said he stopped his car at one point and when Michael stepped out, that driver nearly ran him over.

Woods, for his part, said the Fleetwoods' car had been weaving in and out of traffic before it began tailgating him -- and after he tapped on his brakes in an attempt to get the driver to back off, he saw a man he later identified as Jimmy point a gun at him. He said this action made him fear for his life, but even so, he followed the Dodge after it passed him in order to help the officers he'd alerted track it down.

Meanwhile, a cop questioned Lauren, who said she and Jimmy had just moved to Colorado, but "Jimmy's having a hard time adjusting to city life." The report quotes her as saying, "We're scared to death of where we live," maintaining that gang members are residents in their apartment complex and they'd already seen a pool of blood on the ground nearby. In fact, Michael was visiting in part to reassure his brother.

The family had headed to Boulder to visit one of Michael's friends, Lauren went on, and along the way they'd seen Woods' car "weaving in and out of traffic, blocking us from getting around him." So Jimmy stopped to ask the guy what his problem was -- but when Jimmy and Michael stepped out of the Dodge, Woods drove away, only to stop again. The second time, Lauren said Woods, who'd been on the phone, accused Jimmy of pointing a gun at him.

Why would he say something like that? "I don't know," Lauren responded. And while she didn't deny having a gun with them (they used it for protection against those gang members), she never confirmed that Jimmy pointed it at anyone. Instead, she said he'd merely passed it to her.

And the kids? An officer assigned to their care described them as being visibly upset and crying until they were handed their Nintendo DS game systems. After eating a snack, they began chatting amiably about cartoons, pets, toys and guns, of the Nerf variety. However, one of the kids said they knew their folks owned a gun that wasn't made out of foam, in order to protect the family.

The kids were placed with Michael, while Jimmy was booked on suspicion of felony menacing and child abuse, due to the presence of the gun near the kids. Lauren's been accused of the latter offense, too. That's life in the big city.

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Look below to see the aforementioned arrest report.

Jimmy Fleetwood Police Report

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