Joaquin Campos charged with homicide in death of infant he allegedly threw over his head

The Boulder County Coroner has come to a conclusion about the October death of ten-month-old Lyon Campos, for which his father, Joaquin Campos, has been arrested.

"The cause of death is multiple blunt force injuries," writes coroner Emma Hall. "The manner of death is homicide."

On October 28, a Colorado Hometown Weekly article about the incident featured a Facebook photo, seen here, of Campos holding his son. According to the piece, his last post on the page read, "I miss my son so much!"

In regard to the incident itself, the Boulder Daily Camera shares a slew of disturbing details from a Lafayette Police report. According to the Camera, Campos told officers responding to a 911 call on October 18 that he'd "tripped and fallen down four steps while holding his ten-week-old son 'football style' on his forearm" earlier that day -- and when they landed, "Lyon's head struck the basement floor and his leg became caught between Campos' elbow and the stairs."

Doctors at a Lafayette medical center reportedly checked out the child and sent him home -- but that evening, he began to have trouble breathing -- so Campos and a roommate tried to perform CPR. But that's not all. Campos also told investigators that he also shook the child back and forth and "threw him in the air twice above his head after he stopped breathing."

Among the injuries cataloged after Lyon's death: "a bruised tongue, knee abrasions, a broken femur and tibia, brain swelling and a skull fracture."

Campos remains in Boulder County jail. He's scheduled for arraignment on March 18, and faces up to 48 years in prison.

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