Jobbed: Medical Marijuana dispensary is paging Dr. Ganja

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The Job, as posted online: Medical marijuana doctor

Pay: $300-$400 an hour

Qualifications: Professional Wellness Center, dedicated to treatment of chronic pain patients and evidence-based preventive health care programs, is seeking a licensed Colorado physician (MD or DO) to write legal recommendations for medical marijuana under Colorado law.

Responsibilities: Work week will be two days a week, a few hours at a time with patients booked. Opportunity will be $2,000 per week for 6 hours of total work. You will be expected to see 5 patients per hour. Hours are flexible to fit your schedule. All paperwork is taken care of by professional onsite staff, according to the Colorado Department of Health.

What it doesn't say: You will likely be stigmatized by the medical community and could face revocation of your license by the feds. People will call you Dr. Ganja.

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