Jobbed: Snow, snow, snow

Jobbed: Snow, snow, snow

Having trouble finding work? You're not alone. Follow Jobbed every week as we troll for the weird, the wacky and the worst of what the recession-era world of job ads has to offer.

The Job, as posted online: Snow removal

Pay: $13 to $35 an hour based on experience and qualifications

Qualifications: Reliable transportation, good attitude, list of references is a must. DO NOT APPLY WITH OUT GOOD PAPERS -- all employees to pass a Homeland Security back round check. Our company is also looking for several fulltime positions that may be filled by snow help -- THINK SNOW!

Responsibilities: Hand shoveling and operating cat skid loaders, backhoes and wheel loaders. Bi-lingual is a plus!

What it doesn't say: Every day is a snow day for you, so get to work.


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