Joe Garcia is Colorado's coolest lieutenant governor...if not a sex star

There is no question that Joe Garcia is a cool guy, as Governor John Hickenlooper pronounced in his State of the State speech; he called his lieutenant governor the "ever-cooler." And he's probably the coolest Colorado lieutenant governor ever, as Hickenlooper has suggested. No insult to Barbara O'Brien or Gail Schoettler or Nancy Dick or all the other lite govs, but....

Really, when George Brown, one of Dick Lamm's lieutenant governors, invented a story about getting branded by the KKK, and Mike Callihan gave up his slot as lieutenant governor to Roy Romer to build a Kenny Rogers Roasters empire, where's the competition?

Here are five reasons that Joe Garcia is the coolest lieutenant governor ever:

5) Joe Garcia rides a Harley. Hickenlooper rides a scooter.

4) When Joe Garcia isn't riding a Harley, he rides a mountain bike -- up mountains. For everyone else, Colorado's just introduced Pedal the Plains, a bike ride across the flatland.... (Joe Garcia also snowboards.)

3) While he was in school at the University of Colorado, Joe Garcia had a job as a custodian cleaning the J school...where he would read all the newspapers in the library, back when there were newspapers (not to mention a J-school at CU). Very cool...especially if it was on CU time.

2) Joe Garcia left a high-paying job heading Colorado State University-Pueblo for the low-paying job of being Colorado's lieutenant governor.

1) At Wednesday's press conference pushing Colorado Literacy Week, an effort that Garcia is pushing, Hickenlooper meant to call his lieutenant governor a "rock star," but instead told the room full of school kids, "Now I get to introduce that rising sex star....symbol. I mean, symbol, not star."

Of course, Joe Garcia kept his cool.

Read more about Colorado Literacy Week on Joe Garcia's official website.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.