"John Elway F*ck You:" Twitter Puts QB Legend on Blast After Broncos' Loss

John Elway is finally getting criticism for the Broncos' performance this year.
John Elway is finally getting criticism for the Broncos' performance this year. YouTube
Denver Broncos quarterback legend turned team executive John Elway received a plus-sized amount of credit for the squad's success during the Peyton Manning era, including two Super Bowl appearances and one victory. This goodwill largely protected him from criticism during the team's slide the past two seasons. But no more. Twitter users absolutely roasted Elway during and after the Broncos' completely humiliating 35-9 loss to the lowly Miami Dolphins on Sunday, December 3.

In other words, he's no longer the Teflon executive — and that's appropriate given what went down yesterday. The Dolphins notched two safeties for the first time in the franchise's history, and Miami coach Adam Gase, an ex-Broncos assistant who worked hand in hand with Manning, let Elway know how he felt about being essentially snubbed as a possible lead dog in Denver by successfully executing an onside kick.

During the fourth quarter. When Miami was ahead by 24 points.

We've noted in this space that Elway's quarterback skill set doesn't seem to translate into detecting the same kind of talent in others, given that he oversaw the drafting of Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, all of whom represent busts to varying degrees. He also anointed coach Vance Joseph and protected him after accusations surfaced that VJ had disrobed, climbed into a woman's bed uninvited and pressed his erect penis against her back in 2004, when he was an assistant coach at the University of Colorado Boulder. And while Joseph isn't wholly responsible for what's happened this season, he has clearly done little or nothing to slow the slide.

Granted, Broncos losses at this point aren't the worst thing in the world, since next year's draft picks will be better for each defeat that accrues. But knowing that hasn't made fans on Twitter any less angry at Elway. See what we mean below.

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