John Hickenlooper and Bill Pullman on the red carpet at Denver Film Festival's Last Night

The blog "No Chance for Last Chance Harvey at the Denver Film Festival" makes it clear how entertaining it was to watch the DFF's Last Night presentation on Saturday -- i.e., lancing boils would have been more enjoyable. But before the pleasure drained out of the evening, various notables took advantage of the red carpet stretched out in front of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, including Denver mayor John Hickenlooper and actor Bill Pullman, winner of the fest's annual John Cassavetes Award. In the shot above, they're preparing to stroll in the company of Neil Truglio, the DFF's director of marketing (he's in the brown jacket). Look below for several more shots, including one in which Pullman (who got out of the Last Chance Harvey screening while the getting was good) shows off a new shirt he bought that day at Rockmount Ranch Wear. -- Michael Roberts  

Moviemakers whose films earned festival screen time also showed up at the Ellie on Saturday. Below is James Gray, director of Two Lovers.

 Hickenlooper gladhands a member of the media.

Bill Pullman rocking the Rockmount.

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