John Hickenlooper gets boost from filmmaker & cousin George Hickenlooper, sans F-bombs

Back in April 2009, a trailer for Hick Town, a proposed documentary series focusing on John Hickenlooper during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, featured the mayor telling an anecdote that ended with the line, "You fuck the press!" Hickenlooper's cousin, filmmaker George Hickenlooper, took the trailer offline shortly after an post about it. This incident caused a stir, but not a rift between the Hickenloopers.

Indeed, George confirms that he's already filmed Hick to promote his guv run, and is planning to do so again.

Regarding the F-bomb, here's how George put it into context and explained why he removed it from the trailer in the second post linked above:

For the record, no one asked me to take the 'Hick' Town trailer down. I asked Epoch Films to take it down the moment my assistant pointed out the Google Alert from Lisa Jones and the The F-bomb you refer to was a joke my cousin made at a private function during the convention in which he was quoting another source. It was a joke and the clip was originally used to spice up the trailer in the hopes it would help make a sale of the six-part series. After consulting with my cousin, it was agreed that the out of context F-bomb might cause some controversy -- which it did -- because obviously you're now reporting about it. But the fact remains that it is out of context. The trailer was later changed but the original version ended up on my reel at without my knowledge. The reality is the clip was unfair to John and his staff and should never have been included for the very reason that it was taken out of context in the recent reporting.

Corresponding via Facebook message this week, George notes that he expects to distribute Hick Town on DVD "sometime later this year." In addition, he continues, "I am hoping to come back to Denver soon to shoot more footage of John on the campaign trail. I did that earlier this month. Traveled with John and shot footage for his website."

At this writing, Hickenlooper's website features a couple of videos -- one featuring comments from his wife, Helen Thorpe, and a collection of colleagues and supporters, the other an assemblage of Hickenlooper talks and remarks during travels around the state. Each of them puts a significant emphasis on his past as a brewery owner, presumably because of the job's regular-guy connotations.

No matter how much he drinks, however, he likely knows better than to drop an F-bomb on camera, whether it's wielded by cousin George or anyone else. Here are the aforementioned videos:

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