John Hickenlooper going negative?: Cites Tom Tancredo's bomb-Mecca line and flamboyance

When Tom Tancredo pulled to within four points of John Hickenlooper in a major poll, we guessed that Hick supporters would get ugly on their guy's behalf. But WhoSaidYouSaid tracked down a recent clip in which Hickenlooper personally takes a more-overt-than-usual shot at Tancredo.

According to WhoSaidYouSaid, the folks behind all those anti-Obama-and-local-Dems billboards (not the one in Grand Junction that pictured Obama as gay, a gangster and more), the clip in question captures comments Hickenlooper made at a Monday house party. Here's the transcription of the most interesting remarks:

"In my honest opinion, I don't think Congressman Tancredo...would make a great governor. Obviously I'm running because I think I can do a better job. But I do think that, you know, saying he's going to bomb Mecca, or that he's, you know, some of these more outrageous...He tries to be flamboyant, which is really not what the state wants. Right? If we're gonna turn our economy around, we want predictability. We want stability in that. And, immigration is a perfect example. Right?"

At what point will progressive 527s make the Mecca line, or a million other attention-getting things Tancredo has said over the years, the focus of a TV ad? Are Dems really so confident they'll keep those particular bullets in the chamber? No telling. But when it comes to Hickenlooper, the strain's starting to show.

Check out the entire clip here. The segment referenced above takes place about a minute or so in:

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