John Hickenlooper is tied with Scott Mcinnis, but still thinking big

John Hickenlooper revealed an updated campaign website yesterday that promises to keep things "positive." We'll see how long that lasts with both the Democrats and Republicans holding their state assemblies this weekend, just as a new Public Policy Polling survey shows that Hickenlooper has lost his early lead and is now tied with Scott McInnis at 44 percent each.

But for now, Hickenlooper is keeping it light -- even going on Channel 9 to defend zebras and poke fun at the attack ad that had him in Ritter's stripes. "We've set out to run a different campaign, and we think this is a different kind of website," he said in announcing the update. "We've created a home base for people to learn about our vision for Colorado and maybe even have a little fun."

Included in that fun: The chance to vote for the logo and slogan that will go on the paraphernalia that will soon be available in the campaign's online store, choosing between the more dignified Hickenlooper for Governor, or Hick for Gov. Frankly, we'd go for the catchier Pick Hick, which would look great on a beer stein.

The website also features one of the liveliest political bios ever. It starts with this: "John Hickenlooper's vision is even bigger than his name."

Read all about it here.

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