John Hickenlooper's cabinet shacks up student style: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Come and knock on our door! Laughter ensues when Governor Hickenlooper's Cabinet members live as roommates in the Colorado Governor's Mansion... In the shower shenanigans shown above, Depart of Local Affairs Executive Director Reeves Brown charges Lt. Governor Joe Garcia and Executive Director of the Department of Health Care Policy Sue Birch with the unauthorized use of his shampoo. And as seen below, cleanliness issues flare up in the executive kitchen as well... Above, Lt. Governor Joe Garcia is reminded by Executive Department of Local Affairs Director Reeves Brown that it is not okay to sit on the executive kitchen counter and eat peanut butter out of the jar when a sink full of dirty dishes needs to be washed. Seen below, Sue Birch discovers a clever cover to find privacy in a public space... In the illustration above, a handy executive sheet strung across the executive dining room table helps make stately rooms more cozy and separates the dinnertime antics of the Reeves Brown family from Sue Birches wine-and-work party.

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