John Hickenlooper's got lots of gubernatorial-campaign web options, thanks to Andrew Hudson

If Denver mayor John Hickenlooper decides to run for governor (as Ken Salazar, among others, would love for him to do), he'll have plenty of campaign web addresses from which to choose, thanks to Andrew Hudson.

"Basically, my thought was, that's probably the last thing on John's mind," says Hudson, who was among Hickenlooper's earliest supporters when JH first ran for mayor. "I didn't want Dick Wadhams to get his pudgy mitts on those things, which typically happens in these situations. So I went on and registered several domains," including JohnHickenlooperForGovernor.com and HickenlooperForColorado.com.

The only address Hudson coveted that had already been snapped up was HickenlooperForGovernor.com. "You could buy it through GoDaddy," Hudson notes, adding, "It looked like one somebody had probably been squatting on."

Hudson emphasizes that he took the cyber-action without prompting from anyone in the Hickenlooper camp, and didn't give anyone a heads-up in advance. "Afterward, I texted John to tell him what I did, letting him know that if he decides to run, they're his," he notes. "It was definitely nothing official. I've been out of politics for so long, I don't think they'd even recognize me anymore."

Once upon a time, Hudson was up to his neck in the stuff; his high-profile gigs included serving as spokesman for former Denver mayor Wellington Webb. But for the past year and a half, he's devoted himself fulltime to Andrew Hudson's Job List, a website he launched a decade ago to help people find positions in public relations, marketing and other related fields. His experience with the site has given him what he calls "a front-row seat to one of the greatest unemployment crises in the state's history," and he sees grappling with its repercussions as job one for the next Colorado governor.

"If I'm a one-track voter in this election, it's because we need some very realistic plans about how to get people back to work and how to help reform the unemployment office -- real, practical things I'm seeing people suffer through," he says. "On a daily basis, Ipeople are losing their homes, having to move back in with their parents. There are a lot of professionals who are desperate right now."

Hickenlooper's the man to improve this situation, Hudson believes. "He's the kind of inspirational leader that I think the state has been missing for a while, and that we're in real need of, particularly in this economy. He would be a motivating force in terms of helping to get this state back on track, both from a bipartisan perspective, but also because of the way he approaches things."

Not that Hudson's angling for a spot on the campaign. For one thing, he's a relative newlywed, having gotten married last January; he has a nine-and-a-half-year-old stepson and a five-week-old daughter. Moreover, he says, "I was involved so much in making sausage for Tim Wirth, for RTD, for Mayor Webb, that it's a lot more fun for me to be a spectator than a player. Never say never, but at this point in time, I've got my hands full."

Still, Hudson says he'll happily volunteer to work for a Hickenlooper for governor campaign, if one comes to pass. Maybe he can help with the website.

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