John Hickenlooper's hot tub time machine: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Watching Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper showering in his clothes almost seems normal in what will surely go down as the strangest election cycle in state history. It is only fitting in the

crazy Colorado campaign of 2010

that Hick is willing to portray himself as "all wet." Instead of using his paid TV time to explain how he'll work as governor to help pull the economy out of the toilet, he invites voters to watch his campaign funds go drain the drain. Don't blame him: The weirdness began when gun-toting Tom Tancredo first laid his eyes on newly elected President Obama on November 5, 2008... Tom Tancredo never really quit campaigning after his loss in the 2008 Republican presidential primary. But, keeping track of his Tea Party tirades against terrorist Obama became tiresome when Dan Maes, Scott McInnis and the rest of Colorado's cavalcade of political stars came out to shine in 2009... Each senator and Governor candidate brought new musings on water, Ronald Reagan hair dye, charity elk hunts to feed needy families, grizzled GOP grannies, undercover Kansas cops, high heels covered in bullshit, and so much more. A person would need a time machine, or at the very least a

2010 Colorado Campaign Timeline
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to remember it all.

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