Governor Lynch?

John Lynch for Governor? GOP chief floats former Bronco's name

I know Coloradans love their Broncos. And I know Republicans love their wildly unqualified, out-of-thin-air candidates. Yet still, I'm a little surprised by the recent news out of the reeling Colorado GOP. Apparently they're floating former Broncos safety John Lynch as a possible gubernatorial candidate in 2010. From the Denver Post:

A number of names have emerged as prospective challengers to Ritter or Salazar, among them former U.S. Sen. Hank Brown and state Sen. Josh Penry. But perhaps the biggest new name is former Denver Broncos safety John Lynch. What he lacks in experience, he appears to make up for in presence, wowing crowds when he spoke at events for Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin this fall.

"He's a superstar. He's been in the back of my mind," (state party chairman Dick) Wadhams said.

Yes, Lynch successfully worked the crowds as he stumped for John McCain this fall. And Lynch, a Stanford man, has a jawline worth a few thousand votes on its own. But governor? Really? Do they really think Colorado Republicans want a guy at the helm who's done nothing but bang his head into things for the last sixteen years? Is a slightly concussed strong safety the best they can do?

To his credit, Lynch thinks it's as ridiculous as others might. He apparently had a nice chuckle when asked about it by CBS 4's Vic Lombardi on Sunday. The trouble is, the party isn't joking. -- Joe Tone

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