John Turk to fill in for Jay Marvin on AM 760 next week

With AM 760 morning host Jay Marvin still battling a serious health crisis and his main fill-in, David Sirota, in China for several weeks and uncertain if he'll be taking to the station's airwaves again upon his return, some listeners have worried that Clear Channel Denver, the outlet's owner, will be content to schedule syndicated programming for the foreseeable future. It's a good sign, then, that John Turk, Marvin's regular producer (who served the same role for Sirota), has been asked to man the console next week.

"I am not as smart as Sirota or as crazy as Jay," Turk notes via e-mail, "but I will do my best!"

No doubt -- and having local commentary, as opposed to canned blab originating from far beyond state lines, should help keep listeners tuning in until Marvin and/or Sirota get back on the microphone. As a bonus, expect Turk to play messages to Jay that listeners on the station's e-mail list have phoned in to the producer's personal cell. "The last four months have been really tough," Turk pointed out in his note to well-wishers. "Let's put a smile on his face!"

Good idea.

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