Johnny Manziel Says He's Living With Von Miller, Would Love to QB for Broncos

Since Peyton Manning's retirement, the quarterback situation for your Denver Broncos has gone from bad to worse.

First, QB heir apparent Brock Osweiler signed with the Houston Texans.

Then, the Broncos inked Mark Sanchez, a journeyman signal caller best known for what's become known as the Butt Fumble.

Meanwhile, negotiations to obtain the services of the San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick remain stalled.

The latest? Troubled former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel says in an interview on view below that he's living with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller — and he actively discusses the possibility of hooking up with Denver, which appears to have at least some interest in a man whose stint with the Cleveland Browns was flat-out catastrophic.

Immediately after the Super Bowl, Miller said nice things about his fellow Texas A&M attendee, as seen in this clip....

...and within recent days, ESPN quoted Miller as saying, "If I had to make my decision on it, he would already be on the Broncos. But we've got guys in the front office that make those decisions, and they put us in championships with those decisions."

At this writing, Miller hasn't confirmed that he and Manziel are roomies. But the defensive stalwart is living in the Los Angeles area while competing on Dancing With the Stars, so Manziel's claim is at least plausible.

His assertion was shared on April 9, when Johnny Football spoke to TMZ Sports outside The Nice Guy, an eatery in West Hollywood.

During the chat, Manziel announced, "I'm living out here with my guy Von Miller. Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. My brother. I'm living with him right now."

When the TMZ reporter referenced the Broncos, Manziel didn't shy away from the subject — and he made note that coach Gary Kubiak also played his college football at Texas A&M.

In his words: "The Denver Broncos... John Elway, great dude. Kubiak — Aggie, my man. Aggie, my man. Listen... great organization."

Manziel didn't confirm an ESPN report that he'd spoken to Kubiak in recent days. Instead, he went macro, saying, "Anywhere I get picked up, bro, is a blessing. Whatever happens, I love ball. I want to play, and that's the team I want to go to."

Why any team would pick up Manziel right now is an open question. On the field with the Browns, he seemed overrated and out of his depth most of the time — and off the field, his hard-partying behavior has even his father Paul worried. In February, the elder Manziel said Johnny was refusing to go to rehab and expressed his fear that his boy wouldn't live to see his 24th birthday.

Amid his TMZ chat, Manziel insisted that he knows when to say when. "There's a difference between partying and being out of control," he allowed, stressing, "I'm cool. I'm not drunk."

That question aside, Manziel still has pending legal troubles stemming from accusations that he attacked his former girlfriend.

In short, Manziel doesn't seem like the solution to the Broncos' quarterback woes, but another problem.

Here's the TMZ interview.

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