Jon Caldara's animated attack on Obamacare is plane crazy


Independence Institute

's Jon Caldara last foray into YouTubery was decidedly low rent:

He pimped 2008's Amendment 49 using sock puppets

. This time, he's opted for a more high-tech approach, creating the animated video above to attack the Obama administration's version of healthcare reform. In his analogy, the public plan is pictured as an airplane -- and when people abandon private insurers for this lower-cost alternative, he argues that the government will start jettisoning its most vulnerable clients. Hence, images of a smiling stewardess tossing an old man who's "already been to Healthyville" and a wheelchair-bound sick guy into the wild blue yonder.

Yeah, I know: This argument makes almost no sense, even as it plays on all of those end-of-life/death-list fears that have been widely and persuasively discredited. But as usual, Caldara sells his dubious message with a showman's aplomb. Look out below!


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