Jose King to Cops After Killing Amanda Anders, Nancy Worrell: "I Did a Bad Thing"

In October 2014, we told you about the shocking murders of Amanda Anders and Nancy Worrell, who were gunned down in a Denver-area apartment, and the subsequent arrest of Jose King.

A jury has now found King guilty on all counts in the case, which was sparked by an argument the gunman said he couldn't remember after a trip to Castle Rock and his admission to a police officer that he had done "a bad thing."

Anders and King were roommates at the French Quarter Apartment complex, located at 3225 South Parker Road.

According to a probable cause statement on view below, police rushed there just after 11 p.m. on October 29, 2014, after receiving a report of screams, several shots and then silence.

One caller added that she remembered hearing the angry voices of a male and a female engaged in an argument before the gunshots sounded.

Upon their arrival, Denver police officers found two women suffering gunshot wounds.

There were pronounced dead at the scene.

The pair were later identified as Anders, a nineteen-year-old seen in the following Facebook photo....

...and a friend of hers, 22-year-old Nancy Worrell.

Even as investigators remained on the scene at the French Quarter apartments, a new development arose.

King's father contacted the Castle Rock Police Department out of concern that his son was suicidal.

He said he'd arrived at his dad's Castle Rock residence "aplogizing for something that he had done and saying that he came to say goodbye," the PC statement notes.

His father identified the vehicle King was driving as a black Honda Odyssey — and shortly thereafter, a Castle Rock officer saw a vehicle matching that description while exiting the parking lot of the police station.

The officer stopped the vehicle and found King behind the wheel. He was wearing only a pair of brown sweatpants when he threw down his keys, put his hands in the air and announced that he had done a "bad thing tonight" in Aurora.

In a subsequent interview, the police document recounts, King told a detective that he'd gotten into an argument with Anders and Worrell — and while he couldn't recall what it was about, he reacted to it by walking into his bedroom, grabbing a .45 caliber Rock Island MD-911 handgun and shooting them both.

Afterward, he said he left the apartment, then returned to get his keys — stepping over their bodies to do so — before driving to his parents' home in Castle Rock.

Yesterday, a jury finally got the chance to consider the case — and the Denver District Attorney's Office notes that its members returned with guilty verdicts related to two counts of first-degree murder after deliberating for just an hour and a half.

King is scheduled to be sentenced on January 29. Look below to see his booking photo, 7News video of his first court appearance after his arrest and the arrest report.

Jose King Probable Cause Statement

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