J.R. Smith calls out Kobe Bryant on Twitter -- and rips the media for reading his tweets

Last August, the Denver Post focused plenty of attention on the Twitter account of Nugget J.R. Smith, with columnist Woody Paige opining that Smith's tweet's proved he still needs to grow up and a separate article implying that his use of the letter "K" as a substitute for "C" recalled spelling used by members of the Bloods street gang.

The latest Twitter-related dust-up: The Orange County Register notes notes that in a recent tweet, Smith took on Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant on his feed, writing, "Dont get me wrong kobe is great but not when he play me."

That's the definition of bulletin-board material -- and Bryant is the type of player who gets even when he gets mad. So this may turn out to be a very bad strategy... not that Smith is backing down. Shortly after the tweet above, he wrote:

"lol here comes the hate! Yes! thank you ill take all the haters"

And that was followed by this:

"Dang media still on my page lol yall need to get a life!"

Frankly, Smith should worry more about whether a certain NBA basketball player is reading his tweets...

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