Judge Naughty's accuser is hell on lawyers

A Judge Nottingham image from Sean Harrington's website.

Judiciary critic Sean Harrington, whose KnowYourCourts website featured some interesting scoopage on Judge Edward Nottingham well before his recent resignation, has his own complaint about the judge still pending with the state's attorney regulation authorities. There's no love lost between the two; this story in the Rocky Mountain News notes that Nottingham once threw out a massive motion from pro se litigant Harrington, calling it a senseless "heap."

But let's not lose sight of the fact that Harrington has been a vocal scourge of perceived judicial abuse on many fronts — including in the matter of his own epic, nine-year divorce case.

Harrington recently posted new filings indicating that the attorney of his ex-wife is now seeking to be represented by an attorney of her own, as is the child advocate in the case. "What kind of a divorce lawyer needs to hire a lawyer to represent herself against a non-lawyer in her own client's case?" Harrington asks on his site. "Answer: a divorce lawyer who's lost three appeals in a row to that non-lawyer."

Doubtless the other side, or sides, have their own version of Harrington's legal maneuverings. But the length and complexity of the case points to one of the grimmer aspects of the modern courtroom experience. Marriage is sometimes just a whim, but divorce is forever. -- Alan Prendergast

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