Which hooker(s) did Judge Creepy creep out? See the slideshow and judge for yourself.

Judge Nottingham and the escorts who may have pretended to love him

You've gotta work pretty hard to get yourself booted from a lifetime appointment. But Edward Nottingham, now-former Chief Federal Judge of the 10th Circuit Court, has done just that, resigning this week amid allegations that he's a scumbag. More technically speaking, he was facing possible congressional impeachment proceedings after being linked to a local escort agency being investigated by the FBI, and then allegedly telling one prostitute to lie about their encounters. He is also being charged with one count of overestimating the loyalty of a hooker.

The escort service in question operated as both Denver Players and Denver Sugar, and it boasted a going rate of between $200 and $300 per hour. So, we wondered: What exactly does a $300-an-hour hooker look like? And is she really worth $297.50 more than the dude who so cordially offers us his services on Colfax every morning?

To answer this pressing question, we did some digging on the old Waybac Machine, unearthing the archives of www.denverplayers.com and www.denversugar.com, both of which were shut down in January after a law enforcement raid. We found these photos of some then-available escorts, including "Kelsie," "Courtney" and "Su Ling." And we're trying to figure out just which kind of hooker a President Bush-appointed judge likes.

See the slideshow and judge for yourself. –- Jared Jacang Maher

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