Julian Lujan, R.I.P.: Recent CSU Grad Dies Amid Cliff-Jumping Get-Together

The last Facebook photo posted by Fort Collins' William J. Lujan — known by his friends and family as Julian — is the one above, in which he's seen posing with his mom at his graduation from Colorado State University last month.

The proud caption: "Yeah, I'm a total Momma's boy."

Lujan was clearly very close with his family: The vast majority of photos in his Facebook gallery finds him posing with one or more of them. So we can only imagine the pain they're feeling in the wake of an accident on Friday, June 12, that took his life.

He was with a group cliff-jumping at Seaman Reservoir near Fort Collins when he reportedly fell into the water. His body was recovered later that evening.

Seaman Reservoir is a popular spot for cliff-jumping. A slew of videos capturing the activity can be found on YouTube, including this one....

...and this one:

As for what happened on Friday, those details are still sketchy. At 7:19 on June 12, according to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a report of a man who'd fallen into the water and couldn't be located.

An hour later, the body of a 22-year-old man from Highlands Ranch was recovered by the Larimer County dive rescue team. The coroner's office has now identified the victim as Lujan.

According to Colorado Community Media, Lujan is a graduate of ThunderRidge High School, where he wrestled and played football. After receiving his degree from CSU, he was planning to move to the Denver area to live with his sister and begin a job at a bank. A graduation party was in the works for next month.

Now, a funeral service is being planned for Friday, June 19. A GoFundMe page set up for the family has raised more than $12,000 at this writing to cover expenses.

The introduction to the page reads:
As some of you may know, Friday night the Lujan family lost their beloved child and brother in a tragic accident. Julian had just graduated college with the entire world in front of him. He was an adventurous, loving, and intelligent young man who always had a huge grin on his face.
For more information, click here. In the meantime, our sincere condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of William Julian Lujan.
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