Jury duty: Colorado notices now being sent from Colorado, not Albuquerque

When civic-minded -- and eagle-eyed -- Coloradans noticed that their summons for jury duty was coming from Albuquerque, they were prepared to indict Colorado officials for sending yet another contract out of state. Was no local company capable of licking and sticking those forms? But now the verdict is in, and it arrived in the form of my own call for jury duty -- postmarked Longmont.

Several years ago, Axis Data Solutions Inc. of Albuquerque won the state contract to provide the printing and mailing services for Colorado's jury summons business. "Bids for that service were scored based on fourteen criteria, including prices for printing and mailing; a company's customer-service history; its organization, services and staffing; the company's location; and its software, computer systems and programming capabilities," Jon Sarche, public information coordinator for the Colorado State Court Administrator's Office, told me when I asked about that Albuquerque postmark. "Axis's bid was the highest-scoring of those submitted."

Clearly, location didn't count for too much in that scoring system -- but it did when Axis's contract expired June 30.

Six companies bid on the deal, and Output Services Inc. got it. The Boulder company won a one-year contract that may be renewed up to four times, for a potential of five years. OSI, which started the job on July 1, is being paid an approximately 7.99 cents for each item it handles -- an estimated 850,000 jury summons and failure-to-appear notices in fiscal year 2012, according to Sarche.

Albuquerque's loss is the Longmont post office's gain.

See you in court September 20.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.