Katy Perry tried to blow up Troy Tulowitzki's season with her shmucky fireworks

Troy Tulowitzki isn't known for his Aprils. Or rather, he is known for his Aprils. He's known for sucking in them.

Over the past few years, the Colorado Rockies' $134 million Gold Glove-winning All-Star shortstop has looked like a Little Leaguer through the first month of the season -- a mystery that was getting more and more frustrating.

As CBSSports.com writer Scott Miller wrote in a column just before the season started, "...nearly every year, April is Lucy yanking the football away from Tulowitzki's flailing Charlie Brown. His lifetime numbers in the season's first month are among the worst in the game for players with at least 1,650 plate appearances..."

This year began the exact same way: Going 0 for 8 in his first two games, Tulo was sorely lacking in fireworks. Though not in "Firework" -- as in the Katy Perry radio mainstay that Tulo was using this year as his home-game walk-up song.

And that appears to have been the problem. During the third game of the season, Tulo switched to Justin Beiber's "Baby," which had been the runner-up in a contest that let fans choose his walk-up song. He immediately hit a home run.

And he's now hit homers in three straight games.

So be gone Katy Perry, you teenage dream. Bieber's flowers bring April powers.

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