Ken Gorman, murdered marijuana advocate -- and pro-pot album producer?

Every subculture deserves its own soundtrack -- sure. But a Christmas album that displays Santa, Rudolf and friends stoned? That seems a bit much... unless you're Ken Gorman.

Gorman, the emphatic rabble-rousing pot activist who was the subject of "High Times," this week's feature, also dabbled in the music industry before he was murdered Feb. 17, 2007.

His magnum opus: 2002's It's a Cannabis Christmas.

With songs like "Angels We Have Heard are High" and "I'm Dreaming of When Weed's Legal" contributed from various unlisted artists, Cannabis Christmas didn't exactly smoke its way to the top of the charts. In fact, Gorman was its main distributor, selling it out of his home or through his slipshod website,

But we've got all nine tracks for your listening pleasure. One caveat: You might actually have to be high to enjoy some of these tunes.

On the CD jacket, Gorman wrote that the proceeds from the album would be dedicated to the "outright legalization of marijuana for any purpose you see fit." No one can say for sure where the money went, but knowing Ken Gorman, weed was definitely involved.

Ken Gorman's "It's a Cannabis Christmas"

Warning! This CD contains naughty language!
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