Ken Gorman's "Asshole of the Week" tirades mobilized the stoned masses

Ken Gorman, the emphatic pot crusader featured in this week's cover story, "High Times," had a talent for attracting trouble. In fact, those who knew him said it was among his favorite things -- behind pot, of course.

Trouble can be lethal: Gorman was murdered in February 2007, and three years later, the crime remains unsolved. But he never shied away from speaking his mind. Look below to check out some of Gorman's eccentric tirades in his quest for the pot legalization.

Often, Gorman's antics -- like handing out free weed and bongs at his monthly marijuana rallies outside the capitol -- garnered the attention of local media. Check out this video of a 1995 Channel 9 report, which, according to friends, inspired him to continue pushing the envelope.

Gorman was unapologetic about his tactics, which included message machine recordings to his fans to harass an "Asshole of the Week" -- usually a public official against the legalization of weed. Whether you're pro-pot or not, these recordings of his weekly rants are sure to educate, and entertain, particularly considering the all-out weed fest taking place in Denver today.

Click on the linked text to hear each audio file. Enjoy:

"Asshole of Week" by Ken Gorman

Recorded by Gregory Daurer

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